Fleming Wealth Management is the financial planning and investment advisory firm for clients seeking independent advice from experienced professionals that leverage knowledge from all areas of business and personal finance to provide them with comprehensive wealth strategies. FWM was founded on the principal that clients deserve better treatment and a higher level of service from their personal financial advisors. FWM believes that affluent and high net worth investors deserve treatment currently available to large institutions with that service tailored to their unique needs. This includes many concepts employed by large businesses, venture capitalists, and large pension funds. These concepts, as well as thoughts emerging from the academic world, are presented to all clients and tailored for their unique circumstances. These unique circumstances include their desire for risk management, desire to control transaction costs and their income tax situation. FWM also leverages technology to provide customer service at the highest level.

Financial Briefs

  • Tax Law Changes Delayed But Not Dead

    For years, year-end tax tips were delivered in this space every September, but this year's story is a real cliffhanger. The twist in the plot is the pending tax legislation. Ironically known as the SECURE Act, an acronym, the legislation


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